[Michael T. Babcock] fpaste cli interface

This is just a quick CLI interface to fpaste.org. Sitting in the #fedora and #linux channels on IRC, I frequently see people requesting command output via fpaste and it occurred to me that some people may not have functioning GUIs when they run these commands and also that its a bit of a pain to copy and paste the data at all, so I whipped this together as an experiment in programming with curl.

There are several good features missing, like specifying a type, or other websites. There is a parser included to convert the OPTIONs in the fpaste.org HTML source to valid options for the main program, but that data is unused at this point.

The program works for me, on Fedora 7 x86_64. Please tell me if it does not work for you and include your platform, please. See freshmeat.net project page (soon) to subscribe to new releases.

This program is released under the GPL version 3. I hope it helps you.

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