[Michael T. Babcock] Samba Makefile

I have a lot of sites I manage that use Samba for file sharing with Windows PCs.

When configuring smb.conf, I like to validate my changes and make sure the file is going to work before breaking things as well as keep a backup copy of the old configuration file just in case.

The solution I decided on was quite simple: I created a script to do the above, and threw it in a Makefile so that I can just cd /etc/samba; make to test and commit changes.

The script

Save the following as /etc/samba/buildconf.sh:

# Create smb.conf from smb-master.conf

testparm -s smb-master.conf > smb.conf.tmp
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
	echo "Validation failed."
	exit 1

cp -f smb.conf "smb-`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`.conf"
mv smb.conf smb.conf.bk
(echo "# File updated by Makefile"; 
 echo "# edit smb-master.conf and run make"; 
 cat smb.conf.tmp ) > smb.conf

Now create /etc/samba/Makefile as follows:

smb.conf: smb-master.conf
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