[Michael T. Babcock] Zope related code

I host this site (and others) on Zope. Its a really powerful application server with a lot of interesting features. I'd go on and on but, you wouldn't care, so here's some related code snippets instead...

Google+ [+1] icon

The Google+ +1 icon (as seen above) is generated by fairly simple code (and some Javascript Google provides). The code they use requires a reference to the URL of the page its hosted on, which I insert using TAL (the template language in Zope) like so:

    <div style="float: right; padding-top: 3em;" id="main_h1_right">
    <g:plusone size="small" annotation="inline" 
       tal:attributes="href context/absolute_url"
    <h1><a rel="me" href="http://mikebabcock.ca/"><img 
           id="buddy_icon" src="/images/buddy_icon.png"
           alt="[Michael T. Babcock]" title="Mike Babcock's buddy icon" /></a>
        <span tal:replace="here/title_or_id" /></h1>

I've actually included my header code as well since this is a generic template I use for every page on this site. The template pulls in the current URI with "context/absolute_url" for the Google+ icon, and the title of the current page with "here/title_or_id". By doing this, the actual pages on the site are maintained without headers (or footers) much more easily.

Other scripts

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