[Michael T. Babcock] Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a great game, although I'll admit its designed for a certain type of person and is somewhat counterculture to current games.

Events / Fights

So I had this beautiful embark location picked out, had started on my digging and buildings and just then an alligator comes out and starts eating one of my dwarves. Of course, I quickly created a militia of my entire remaining embark team, none of whom had armour or weapons to speak of, and told them to go kill the gator together in hopes that ganging up on it would work.

6762 lines of gamelog.txt later, the gator died, and so had three of my dwarves. One from the initial attack, one for being the first of the squad to arrive, and the third because nobody had time to patch up his wounds while he lay unconscious on the battlefield.

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